Artist Statement

My Process

When I paint, I feel like I’m in a different time.


I’ve always thought of myself as an old soul; I often feel out of time with my generation. I’m drawn to stories from the 1930s, and architecture from the 19th century. That is where I feel at home, and it is the romance and mystery of this era that my paintings evoke.


I alternate between using watercolours and acrylics. I am attracted to the coolness of blues and greens, but also the warmth of yellow. These colours recur in my work, which sits somewhere between Realism and pure abstraction.


Recently, I’ve started painting in Photoshop--using digital technology to draw by hand. This has added new tension to the sense of time in my work. I remain fascinated by old-fashioned subject matter—architecture, lamp posts, inscribed dates—and once I frame that element, I am pleasantly surprised by other things that end up in the final scene—city buses, traffic lights, bike racks. Digital painting contrasts with old-fashioned elements and allows me to further explore the experience of being out of time.

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